Collecchio, 18th January 2018 – Parma Calcio has unveiled in a press conference held in Collecchio Training Center its new players: Ciciretti, Gazzola and Vacca.

I’m very happy to be here, Parma Calcio is a very important team, even if now is in Serie B. I want to help the club to improve its results”, Ciciretti said. “This championship is a very hard one. In the last season with Benevento we started to try to avoid the relegation, but then we were in the playoffs for Serie A and that experience was very important for me, and it is even now. To Parma Calcio fan I promise I’ll do the best for the team until the end of the season”.

“I’ve choosen Parma Calcio even for the feeling I have with the Sports Manager Faggiano: I arrived here the last week, but with my new teammates the feeling is very good. Where I do prefer to play? You know, I also played as a goalkeeper in a Coppa Italia match, and I think I also played very good…I play where the coach wants me to play”, said Vacca.

“I’m form Borgo Taro, very next to Parma. I begun my career by playing here with Parma Youth, so for me coming back here is a huge emotion”, said Gazzola. “I konw very well many technical staff members like the vice coach Tarozzi or the match analyst Piccioni: I used to worked with them at Sassuolo”:

After the players, Sports Manager Faggiano has commented the Parma Calcio winter transfer market.

“Now we’ll have to sell some players, but about buying our transfer market is over. On newspapers you can read everything about us: it seems like Parma Calcio could buy every player on the transfer list, but We have to pay attention to our budget. Playing for Parma Calcio is a matter of pride, many players want to come here in Collecchio and play for us, but we never forget we just got the promotion in the last season, so we have to stay focused”.