Parma, 15th December 2017 – As usual, Parma Calcio has visited the pediatric wing of Maggiore Hospital in Parma.

Every year, in Christmas time, the club is pleased to give presents, smiles and love to all the little patients checked into the Hospital.

Yesterday, our coach Roberto D’Aversa and the club manager Daniele Faggiano has guided all the players to the visit, meeting the children and all the pediatrics doctor.

“I’ve seen the smile on these children face: thanks for all the love you share every year with us here”, said Antonio Balestrino, medical director of Parma Hospital.

“We’re happy to give smiles to these children and their families: this also help us to remind how lucky we are”, said coach D’Aversa.

“Coming here is a beautiful experience we do every year and we’re pleased to be here today: for us is a possibility to give presents and smile, and to reflect on something as well”, said Parma Calcio captain Alessandro Lucarelli.

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