Pierluigi Frattali in the end of the match against Ascoli has spoken with journalists at Tardini Stadium.


“Today everything was fine for us. We did a good match against a team that despite the Serie B is a good team and I’m also happy to have done my job by stopping the penalty, so we avoided a hard match final and we got a good result. You can’t predict a  mistake as the one I did against Frosinone, that was the baddest I’ve made in my whole carreer. I’m happy I reacted with the help of the club, the teammates, the coach and everybody: the always encouraged me to play as ever , so when you can count on important people like these you can play in the best way. I just want to say thanks to them for helping me after that match . I’m happy because in the last two matches I’ve done a good job”. 

“There’s a beautiful friendship between Lucarelli and me . He’s a fantastic person and during the match he said thanks to me for stopping the penalty, this is the best scenario, it’s a celebration for his appearances record , we’re pleased and proud to have a team captain like him”.

“We’re not looking at the Serie B table. We play ever match to win it without looking at the other teams. I know now that Bari has won, it’s a good team built to reach for Serie A, but we must stay solid and keep on playing in this way because just one month ago we were in a worst position in the Serie B table, but with our work and thanks to the club’s facilities and our will to train hard we gained good results; but we must pay attention because Serie B is an hard championship, so we must keep on working hard and staying focused”.