Cremona, 20th January 2018 – One of Parma Calcio best player during the last game aganist Crenonese, the Crociati goalkeeper Pierluigi Frattali, has spoken with Journalists in the end of the match.

“It’s hard for us to face with this defeat: it came in the last minutes of the game. We thought we were conquering a good point in an away game played not in a very good way by us: with a bit of more attention, we could have got an important draw. In the goal we concede, the ball passed trough some players, I saw it and I tried to deviate it on the post, but then Cavion arrived faster and alone to hit it and score”.

“We have to do our best, after this defeat we’ll keep on working harder thinking of the next match against Novara. Maybe against Cremonese we didn’t create so much chances to score, but we did it in the previous match and we were unlucky. Our coach and the staff will help us to resolve this situation. The Serie B championship isn’t over yet, we can still be on the top of the table. We won’t give up: we’ll work to be stronger”.

“We’re a skilled team, this defeat won’t tear us down. We’re a solid team, we demonstrated it in the past, we’ll do it in the game to come”.