Salerno, 26 febbraio 2018 – After the match won in Salerno, our Coach Roberto D’Aversa has commented the match.

“It looks like an easy win, because for the very good way we played, but we could have scored one more goal. I have to say thanks to my players because we are passing through a difficult moment, so coming here and getting three points it’s not easy. A coach is always happy when he sees players like Frediani or Anastasio: coming into the pitch from the bench and playing good, even if they hadn’t so many chances to play so far, so it’s like a “prize” for their hard work during the weekly training. In the sessions I see how they work and I let them the chance to play

and also Vacca played for the same reason: it wasn’t easy to play in a difficult match like this”.

And this is what our forward Marco Frediani said after the match:“I’m happy for this result and for what the team did, coming on from the bench is never simple against a very good team in a hard match, but let me say I’m happy for the performance and for the result we got: we have to keep going on this way. The coach asked me to do my best on the pitch, and to remind all the tactical work we always do every week. When you got into the pitch on the advantage you have more to defend, so we tried not to give many chances to our opponents”.

Jacopo Dezi, who scored against Salernitana, gave his thoughts about the match: “We would have scored one more goal, I had some chances to score but I missed it we “suffered” our opponents just a bit in the end of the match, but I think we’ve played a very good match, the most important thing was to get three points. We can play better but we’ve fought in every match, and we didn’t always got what we deserved: now we must keep playing on this way and we have to try to get as many points as we can”.