Parma, 3rd Aprile 2018 – After the match won vs. Palermo, coach D’Aversa gave his thoughts on the game in the Tardini stadium press room:

“We tried to block them by trying to let them develop the game on the side instead of in the midfield. My players have done a very good job playing in this way, based on fast and skilled counterattacks with Insigne and Siligardi. But we’ve done also a good job on creating chances. Today we had to play against one of the best team of this season. The only mistake was the second goal we conceded, we didn’t turn into a goal the many chances we had in the second half so after their second goal we felt a bit frightened, but Parma did a great work on the field despite I decided to change our tactics tonight”.

“The game against Avellino was an important one, now we have to think about the next home match, when we’re facing Frosinone: it will be important to get another win, but now it’s not time to waste our time on how many points we need to reach the top, let’s think about the next game, step by step. About the referee? I know how much is hard to do that job, and I guess it’s not fair to talk about the referee after this good game tonight. Calaiò is an aged player, but if he has the chance to work during the week in the best way, he became a very important player. Tonight he has scored a hattrick, with the huge help of his teammates”.